Israel, 2011 | Documentary, 54 min. |

Director:  Ofer Inov

Producers:  One Light Productions

Fluchkes (Yiddish for flabby arms) follows the creation process of the dance performance "Gila". A group of colorful, energetic 72 to 82 year old women, bravely confront the hardships and demands of the art of dance. At the same time, these honest and conscious women openly share their personal experience and feelings of getting old. Each one of them presents a unique personal view of old age.The film followed the group for a year of rehearsals, through moments of hardships, failures and inside intrigues as well as moments of friendship, happiness, noble beauty and great success. Finally in front of an applauding audience a truly artistic professional performance is born.

Awards & Festivals


Rochester Jewish Film Festival 2012
Reel Israel Cleveland OH 2012

Chicago International Movies & Music Festival 2012

Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival 2012
FilmIsreal! Holland 2012
UK Jewish Film Festival, 2011
Shanghai TV Film Festival 2011
Docaviv International Film Festival 2011


Director: Ofer Inov
Producer: Anath Kandell, Ofer Inov, One Light Productions
Produced with the help of: THE SECOND AUTHORITY FOR T.V & RADIO,
The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV
Cinematographer: Ofer Inov
Editor: Yasmine Novak
Sound designer: Ran Bagn, Yossi Appelbaum

Original Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Wow. So much beauty in the photography, so much gentleness in directing- what tremendous characters. I love how they positioned themselves before the director; proud, straightforward not discomfited.I also loved the clever and reserved editing, revealing a little at a time.


Charming, is a small word to describe the depth of the experience this film is able to bring across through five exceptional women, the youngest 77 years old. It is a comforting thought that old age can be not just 'user friendly' but also a gift (!). So much depends on our choice. To age gracefully is not a cliché, it is possible. Nurit Reizman

I would like to tell you about the one time experience I just had at Docaviv. As you know I watched over 30 films in the festival, and I attend many premieres and screenings. This I have never seen:
The theatre was completely full, and all the audience, no exceptions, gave a standing applause for the film and the director, Ofer Inov, for a long few minutes.
And for a good reason, the film is exceptionally poignant film. Funny, clever and portrays the greatness of these young spirited aging women. There is not even the slightest old lady 'kvetch' in the film. It is a film about striking, bright and free women.
I listened to the women leaving the theatre, and in additional to their enthusiasm from the film, many said they must also join dance and movement classes- like the great women in the film. So, this is a film which also causes change in people's lives...Iris- Marketing and Public Relations

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