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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Go2Films goes down under !

6 Go2Films titles will be theatrically released in Australia at the AICE Film festival opening...

Monday, 18 August 2014

Our films nominated for the Israeli Academy Awards

Congratulations to our films nominated for the Israeli Academy Awards 2014: Probation Time for the...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Handa Handa 4 selected to Parnu IFF

Handa Handa 4 selected to Parnu International Film Festival to take place from July 14th...


Fiction series (15x30)


Documentary, 72 min.

A Green Chariot

Fiction, 52 min.


Fiction, 30 min

The Dreamers

Documentary, 58 min.

Newly Released


A compassionate drama about a newly-inducted female soldier undergoing basic training in southern Israel, and struggling to adapt to the rigid expectations of military life.

Voices from the Booth

Advanced age new immigrants, doing security work in order to survive, insist on remaining creative. An optimistic note in the quasi-tragic destiny of these people.

Long:Short- A Tribute to Israeli Cinema

A unique artistic project of contemporary and vibrant filmmaking, which stems from Israel’s cinematic past. Young filmmakers showcase short films, inspired by local classics.

The Accursed

A five-part series that attempts to investigate the idea of the total artist, and to examine whether and to what degree we are prepared today to pay a steep price for the creative truth burning inside us.


Alma, a young media star from Tel Aviv in the early 90s,seems to have it all but in reality, there is a hole in her heart...until she meets mysterious Ben and together they decide to repent and marry.

H I Jew Positive

Yurek, a young Polish student has just found out he is Jewish, "I've got it…I am H. I. Jew Positive". This is a film about 15 years in the life of 4 New Jews in Poland.