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Monday, 17 March 2014

Mekimi selected for the top int'l TV festivals

Our new TV series Mekimi has been selected for Séries Mania, the int'l festival showcasing...

Monday, 17 March 2014

Latest Awards for Dancing in Jaffa

Dancing in Jaffa has won the Best Documentary award at the Ramdam Film Festival in...

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Palm Beach INternational Film Festival selects 3 Go2FIlms titles

Arabani, Magic Men and Shadow in Baghdad selected to participate in Palm Beach International Film...


Fiction series (15x30)


Documentary, 72 min.

A Green Chariot

Fiction, 52 min.


Fiction, 30 min

The Dreamers

Documentary, 58 min.

Newly Released

Welcome and… Our Condolences

A family of Russian immigrants is going through the absurd Israeli immigration bureaucracy with an immigrating corpse…


A bench in a modest neighborhood is the daily meeting place of four women, observing a world changing in front of their eyes, a world which they are not part of.

I Think this is the Closest to How the Footage Looked

A man recreates, with poor means, a lost memory. A memory of the last day with his Mom. Objects comes to life, in a desperate struggle, to produce one moment that was gone.

Ponevezh Time

In the world largest Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva, among the constant prayer and scholarly study an individual can be swept away by the massive crowd.

The Lesson

The story of an Arab woman fighting for her independence in a city where the drive for independence has become, for many, an unachieved dream.

Israel: A Home Movie

A collections of 8mm home movies, hundreds film rolls from forgotten basements and attics, containing countless hours that tell the story of Israel from the beginning of the 20th century.