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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Five new docs will premiere in Docaviv during the next week

Our 5 new films will be prmiering in the next week in the official competition...

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Death and the Maiden selected to 4 more Festivals

Death and the Maiden has just been selected to 4 more festivals: DokFest Munich, Minneapolis...

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Seed of Life at the Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia

Seed of Life will be screened on March 22, 2015 at the Israeli Film Festival...

Desert Brides

Documetnary, 90 min


Documentary, 54 min.

Like a Fish out of Water

Fiction, 50 min.


Documentary, 74 min.

Family on the Edge

Documentary, 58 min.

Newly Released

The Fire Dragon

The unbelievable, one year long, journey of the Herman family across Asia. They travel 25,000 miles on an adventurous trip, in an old fire engine.

Seed of Life

Moments after receiving the news of his death, parents of an Israeli soldier made an unprecedented decision: to harvest sperm from his body to enable him to father a child.

Vice Versa

An innocenct relationship becomes an intimate and passionate love story that transcends the rules of religion, society and faith.


The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants is a Tel Aviv based NGO. In exactly inverse proportion to the small-scale of this human rights organization, the issues they deal with are universal and crucial.

Silicon Wadi

4 Israeli startup teams sacrifice their families, their friends, and their bank accounts to pursue their startup dreams.

Red Leaves

Meseganio Tadela, 74, is a hard, obstinate, and nervous man who immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia 28 years ago with his family. He comes to realize that he belongs to a rapidly disappearing class that believes in retaining Ethiopian culture.