Family on the Edge

Israel 2009 | Doc, 58 min, | Video
Director: Gilad Goldschmidt
Script: Gilad Goldschmidt
Producers: Gilad & Hedva Goldschmidt
Sponsors: Noga Communication - Channel 8

Yoram Drucker, a 42 years old Modern Orthodox Jew from Jerusalem, has a Dream. To take His family, includingtheir eight-years-pld daughter Chen, to the peak of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (5895 M/ 19,640 feet).
Thousands of people try to do it .4 people die, each year, on the Kilimanjaro.
Yoram is sure this type of a family experience is what builds the long term foundation of ones personality, of family-hood.

Family on the Edge follows the Drucker Family on their Journey-
starting from the careful preparations, through the Physical and Mental challenges they face, until the dramatic ending.

Family on the Edge touches issues of family-hood, Man & Nature.
A glance into the life of a unique family that makes you think of your own one. A film about the priorities in life, and about dreams.


Special Jury Mention, Jewish Eye Film Festival 2009

Signis Award for Best documentary, Religion Today Film Festival, Italy 2009

Religion Today Film Festival, Italy 2009
Jewish Eye Film Festival 2009
Cinemateque Jerusalem, November 2009
Cinemateque Tel Aviv, November 2009
Cinemateque Sderot, November 2009
Washington Jewish Film Festival - Director`s presentation

Script: Gilad Goldschmidt
Production Company: Go2Films
Co-Production Company: Gilad Goldschmidt
Camera: Gilad Goldschmidt
Editor: Gilad Goldschmidt
Original Language: Hebrew & English
Subtitles: English; Italian; Hebrew 

The Jury Statement:
"On the basis of a family experience that could look anecdotical, the director manages to evoke metaphorically the mystery of the spiritual challenge of a community. With intelligence, originality and humour, he tackles successfully a present issue and underlines the values of unity and respect in family life, of endurance in the face of basic challenges and of acceptance of one`s limits".

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