AKA Nadia

General Information

Israel/UK, 2016 | Fiction, 115 min.
Director: Tova Ascher
Producers: Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, Haim Mecklberg, Ruth Cats

 "a fascinating, complex and touching human story."

Jury's remarks, Jerusalem IFF


Nadia Kabir is a 20 year-old Arab young woman who has just graduated from the Jewish-Arab girls' school in Jerusalem. She is having a secret love affair with Nimer, an activist in a Palestinian Liberation Movement. When Nimer is sent to England on assignment, they are secretly married. In England, Nadia realizes the meaning of the step she has taken – severing her ties with her family and beloved mother, as she embraces a life of exile and escape.
When Nimer is caught by the authorities, Nadia is left on her own. She realizes that there is no option of returning to Israel; the authorities see her as a terrorist and to her family she has escaped and disgraced them.
Twenty years later, Maya, choreographer at a Jerusalem dance troupe, is married to Yoav, a senior official at the Ministry of Justice, an impressive and charming man. Being a pair of career-driven parents with two demanding children, each day requires planning and juggling to resolve a great deal of hubbub.
One evening, Maya spots a figure from her past. She hurries away. She does not say a word to anyone, but it won't let go, and she cannot sleep or go back to her routine. Yoav notices his wife's distress, and realizes that she's hiding something. Their relationship is on the verge of crisis.
The connection between the two heroines – Maya and Nadia  – is the core of the film. This connection has a tremendous effect on everyone; it will drop a bombshell on Maya's family, and leave Nadia's mother in distress and grief. The film raises questions of identity, of the ability of society to accept the other and forgive their 'otherness'. It's a story about innocent individuals who pay a terrible price, the victims of a society that has gone awry, raising the question of when the private becomes political and the political becomes private, without the ability to separate the two.

Awards & Festivals


Award for Best Performance for main actress Neta Shpigelman, Fiuggi Film Festival, Italy, 2017

The Israel Critics’ Forum Award for Best Feature Film, Jerusaelm Interantional Film Festival, July 2015



The Avalon Theatre Project, USA, 2017

Axelrod Film Festival, USA, 2017
Fiuggi Film Festival, Italy, 2017

Bozeman Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Nairobi- Sherkea Israeli Film Festival, Kenya, 2017

Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Stockholm Israeli Film Festival, Sweden, 2017

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2017

Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Chattanooga Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

New Jersey Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Gainseville Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Santa Barbabra Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Weschester Jewish Film Festival (Jacopb Burns Film Center), USA, 2017

Northern Viginis Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Zurich Jewish Film Festival, Switzerland, 2017

Hartford Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

Houston Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2017

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (Winter Fest), USA, 2017

Cincinnati Jewish Film Festival, USA 2017   
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, USA 2017
Worcester JCC, USA 2017
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, USA 2017
Miami Jewish Film Festival, USA 2017
Other Israel Film Festival, USA 2016
Embassy of Israel in Zagreb, Croatia 2016
REC Festival, Spain 2016
Israfest Foundation (LA Israeli FF), USA 2016
Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA 2016
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada 2016
SERET, Holland 2016
International Australia Jewish Film Festival, Australia 2016
La Costa International Film Festival, USA 2016
Religion Today Film Festival, Italy 2016
Washington Jewish Film Festival, USA 2016
SERET, Germany 2016
Dallas Jewish Film Festival, USA 2016
FICS, Columbia 2016

The Hampton Synagogue, USA, July 2016
SERET, UK, June 2016
Jewish Motifs - Warsaw, Poland, May 2016
Seret-UK, March 2016
Keswick Film Club, UK, February 2016

Tallin Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, November 2015

Jerusaelm Interantional Film Festival, July 2015


Director: Tova Ascher
Producers: Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, Haim Mecklberg, Ruth Cats,  Svetlana Barr, One-Eyed-Dog Films 
Co-producers: Olga Barr, Zvika Nathan, Yigal Mograbi
Supported by: The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund, Israel Film Fund
Script: Anat Ascher, Tova Ascher
Cinematography: Talia (Tulik) Galon
Editing: Tova Ascher, Yair Ascher
Sound design: Gil Toren
Music: Ran Bagno
Cast: Neta Shpigelman, Oded Leopold, Ali Suliman, Eli Keren Assaf, Naama Amit And
John Hurt

Original language: Hebrew, English, Arabic
Subtitles: English, Hebrew


"...for a profound and articulate discussion of issues of identity and belonging to a place and a family. The director offers an intricate portrait of a reality that is grounded in separation walls, checkpoints and segregation. The film examines whether one can create oneself anew within a tragic political context, by presenting a fascinating, complex and touching human story." (Jury's remarks, Jerusalem IFF)


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 "Inspirational filmmaking of the first order.” - Peter Debruge, Variety 

“Astounding and thoroughly inspirational.” - Peter Debruge, Variety 

"A soulful salute to a distinctly 21st-century phenomenon that's also an old-fashioned fairy tale come true.” - Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter 

"Thru You Princess is pure positivity.” - Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

 “It's almost impossible not to be charmed by guileless, good-hearted Princess Shaw herself and her real-life Cinderella story.” - Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter 

“Compelling and inspiring.” - Steve Pond, The Wrap 

“One of the Toronto Film Festival’s wildest true stories.” - Steve Pond, The Wrap 

“Inspiring. An essential tale for the digital age.” (A-) - Eric Kohn, Indiewire

 “Touching. Offers an upbeat alternative to gloomier looks at identity in the digital age." - Eric Kohn, Indiewire 

“A total delight.” - Kase Wickman,

 "Thru You Princess would have all the Facebook likes if it popped up on BuzzFeed tomorrow.” - Matt Patches,

 “[Princess] Shaw is such a vibrant, authentic character, you can't help but root for her.” - Matt Patches,

 “Will actually make you feel good about humanity—and the Internet.” - Brian Raftery, Yahoo! Movies 

“A reminder that the porous borders of the web can yield not only great art, but also even greater empathy.” - Brian Raftery, Yahoo! Movies 

"It's easy to ‘Like' Thru You Princess—but it's even easier to love it.” - Brian Raftery, Yahoo! Movies

**** "Brilliant documentary. Completely fascinating." - Dwight Brown, The Huffington Post 

"Radiating with vivacity and affection for its subjects... A wonderful, uncommon sensation." - Sam Fragoso, 

"[A] joyously uplifting documentary.” - Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star 

“It’s nothing short of a triumph.” - Jordan Hoffman, The Times of Israel 

“Intelligent, original and enthralling.” - Neta Alexander, Haaretz 

**** - The Guardian 

“A lovely portrait of artists coming together to make one another shine.” - Norman Wilner, NOW Magazine 

"[An] emotional, cross-continental rollercoaster ride.” - Michael-Oliver Harding, DAZED 

“Brings renewed optimism in the WWW.” - Michael-Oliver Harding, VICE 

“A thrilling new remix on 'A Star is Born.’” - Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest 

“[A] wonderful film.” - Stephen Saito, Moveable Fest

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