South Wind on Hilton Beach

General Information

Israel, 2006 | Doc, 50 min., | Video

Director: Karin Kainer


The story begins with Dr. Dorian Peskovich, a Jewish American surfing champion who, surfing on the waves of Zionism, introduced the first surfboards to the Frishman Beach gang.  This band of guys were the mythological lifeguards of the sixties, who went on to become the first surfers and together with their children, transformed surfing into an escape from the Israeli reality. They found their freedom in the waves and sea.

The film documents their metamorphosis from outsiders fighting for their right to surf until their peak at the European championship.  They captured the adoration of youngsters, set the tone in fashion (Gazoz) and music (Mashina), and were the cultural icons of the late eighties.

Like the waves themselves, these surfers rose and fall.  It is also a film about the Israeli character and the need to escape it.

Awards & Festivals

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel 2006

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada 2007

Eilat Film Festival, Israel 2007

Staten Island Jewish Film Festival, USA 2007

Not Quite Kosher Student Film Festival - San Diego State University, USA 2008


Script: Karin Kainer
Production Company: Omer TV Communications
Co-Production Company: Karin Kainer
Camera: Karin Kainer, Tom Gat
Editor: Itay Segev, Simon Herman
Original Music: Karni Postel, Haim Laroz
Original Language: Hebrew and English
Subtitles: English




Educational - $199.00
K-12 - $95.00