Like a Fish out of Water

General Information

Israel, 2006 | TV Drama, 50 min, | Video
Director: Leonid Prudovsky
Script: Erez Kav-El , Leon (Leonid) Prudovsky (Idea by Jorje Weller)
Producers: Yochanan Weller, Freddy Zyskrot
Sponsors: Reshet T.V, Israeli Channel 2, Gesher Foundation for Multi-Cultural Films, Avichai Foundation


A romantic comedy about a new immigrant from Argentina and his relationship with his Hebrew teacher at the Absorption Center.
Marcelo is a non-religious young man, an actor and a single parent to his eleven years old daughter, Lucy. He`s desperately looking for someone to help him improve his Hebrew accent. So he can pass the auditions for an Israeli Soap Opera.
Anat, his religious teacher, is probably the best solution, but it seems that she hates soap operas, and is not so fund of her pupil either. In fact, she has her own problems: mainly her mother, Bruria, an energetic, not to say pushy lady, frantically seeking a perfect match for her daughter who has, in her eyes, clearly passed the proper wedding age…

Awards & Festivals


Audience Award, Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, 2006

Jury Citation, Girona International Film Festival
Besalu Competition, 2006

Alaska JFF - USA, 2008

Detroit JFF - USA, 2008

Dayton JFF - USA, 2008

Pioneer Valley JFF - USA, 2008

Miami Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

Staten Islands Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2008

Baltimore Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Stamford Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Cincinnati Israeli Film Festival - USA, 2007

Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival - Canada, 2007

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Pacific Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Hartford Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Cherry Hill Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

San Diego Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Austin Jewish Film Festival - USA, 2007

Toronto Film Society Festival - Canada, 2007

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2006

San Jose Jewish Film Festival  - USA, 2006

Calgary Jewish Film Festival - Canada, 2006

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival Israeli Film Festival in NY 2006

Shanghai Intrernational TV Film Festival, Showcase, China 2006

Latino-American Film Festival, San Francisco 2006 watch a clip!

Warsaw Jewish Motives Film Festival, Poland 2006

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Canada 2006

Ottawa Israeli Film Festival, Canada 2006

Panama Israeli Film Festival, Panama 2006

Chicago Israeli Film Festival 2006

Girona International Film Festival, Besalu competition, Spain 2006

Washington Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Fairfax Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Southwest Florida Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival, 2009


Harvard University

Hebrew University

Florida Atlantic University

Kansas University

Hillel Stony Brook

East Brunshweig Library

Attawa Library

Charlotte Jewish Federation

Brodt Center, Tel Aviv

Tora Mizion, Sain Luis

Leo Baeck  School, Toronto

Nesia Institute

Melitz Institute

JCC Staten Island


Script: Erez Kav-El , Leon (Leonid) Prudovsky (Idea by Jorje Weller)
Production Company: Localindo Productions Ltd.
Co-Production Company: Erez Kav-El , Leon (Leonid) Prudovsky (Idea by Jorje Weller)
Camera: Giora Bejach
Editor: Evgeny Ruman
Original Music: Maty Kobler
Cast: Esteban Gottfried, Tal Lifshitz, Fira Kantor, Abraham Mor, Dana Reiter, Clara Stav, Vladimir Fridman and Gilat Ankori
Original Language: Hebrew and Spanish
Subtitles: English, Hebrew, Spanish





Educational - $295.00
K-12 - $95.00
Home DVD - $29.90