Soul Tripping

General Information

Israel, 2009 | Doc., 50 min, | Video
Director: Michael Greenspan
Producers: Udi Zamberg, Michael Tapuach


Jewish communities around the world are surrendering to the lure of assimilation. In an effort to reverse this trend, Jewish mega-philanthropists are bringing tens of thousands of young Jews on free visits to Israel in a project called Taglit Birthright Israel.

Photographed in the US and Israel, this hour-long documentary follows three young American Jews as they make the journey:
• Rachel – a 26-year old public-relations professional, married to a non-Jew and raising their adopted son in a mixed religious environment.
• Emma – a 22 year old actress, the daughter of two lesbians who, seeking to resolve her alternative lifestyle with her sense of Jewish identity.
• Michelle – a 27 year old singer-songwriter whose experiences who joined the first TBI trip in 2000

“Soul Tripping” seeks to understand how TBI affects the lives of participants. Hosted by Israeli television journalist Linoy Bar-Geffen, it blends a whirlwind journey through Israel, moments of fun and adventure, with intimate, personal experiences. It includes revealing video blogs photographed by the participants, themselves.

The movie also investigates the impact of TBI on young Israelis who take part in the journey and reports the impressions of Jewish intellectuals and social activists.

Mixing moments of outrageous fun with moments of serious reflection, “Soul Trippers” moves back and forth the United States and Israel, asking: what happens when thousands of Jewish young people converge on Israel? Can a mix of history, culture, religion and parties really impact on the future of Jewish communities? Can a small group of wealthy Jews change the shape of tomorrow?

Awards & Festivals

Detroit Jewish Film Festival, 2009
Thessaloniki DocMarket 2009 






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