Public Screening

Scheduling a Film Rental


To schedule a film rental for public exhibition, send your request to  ?subject=Schedule public screening- Go2Films"> כתובת דוא"ל זו מוגנת מפני spambots, יש לאפשר JavaScript על-מנת לראות את הכתובת  

Please provide the following information:

  • Film Title(s)
  • Preferred Format (35mm, 16mm, Beta, VHS, DVD)
  • Screening Date(s)
  • Size and type of facility including seating capacity
  • Type of event(s) (i.e. festival, synagogue, classroom, etc.)
  • Whether or not admission will be charged
  • Complete contact information including telephone, fax, and email address

    Please note: Formats availability may vary according to title and dates of screening.


    Prices for public exhibition in theatres, festivals, museums, communities, synagogues and cultural institutions are based on film format, theater or venue capacity, ticket price, and number of screenings. Rental fees include one-time public performance rights for the date specified. Additional film screenings can be arranged for an additional fee.

    The one-time public performance right is non-transferable to any organization other than the purchasing one, without prior written approval from Go2Films. Any additional public screening of Go2Films titles requires a new license. You may acquire as many as you wish. For large numbers of screenings please inquire for special discounted rates.


    You may publicize and promote the screening within the purchasing community or organization.


    You may not lend copy, digitally save or burn Go2Films DVDs.

    All Go2Films titles are represented legally, under special distribution agreements with the producers/filmmakers or rights holders. Lawful legal screening rights may only be licensed through Go2films. Owning a copy of a film (by DVD or any other format), does not give you the right to screen it in public.


    Means of Payment- please see on the Order Information page.


    Return Shipping for Rentals


    Renters are generally responsible for return shipping costs. Films must be returned via UPS or FedEx. Please inquire about your copy.

    Renters are liable for any damage to prints or videotapes. Shipped items should be insured according to the values listed below (to prevent custom tax charges upon return):

    DVD $5

    Beta Tape $10


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