Israeli Film Directors | Shalom Hager

Director of Shrouds

Shalom Hager is a film director a screenwriter and a lecturer.

He graduated from the Sam Spiegel School of Film and Television in Jerusalem. Hager has a master's degree from the Tel Aviv University's Department of Film and TV.

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Israeli Film Directors | Ronit kertsner

Director, producer and editor
Ronit kertsner is an award winning documentary Filmmaker - director, producer and editor.
Born in Jerusalem in 1956, married with two daughters, Ronit lives in Tel Aviv Israel
After her military service she was admitted to the Cinema Department at Tel Aviv University where she embarked on a four-year course of study. Upon completion Ronit began working as a professional editor of documentaries and features for TV and other media. Ronit has edited dozens of documentary films over the years.
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Israeli Film Directors | Pini Tavger


Born at 1978, Jerusalem, Israel. Graduate of the "Nisan Nativ Acting Studio" in Tel Aviv. Son of Russian new-comers to Israel, "Weitzman Street no.10" was his first short film, completed in 2006. Now living in Tel Aviv, Pini is a 4th year student at the Tel Aviv University Film & TV Department as well as a practicing actor (You could find him in the cast of Sweet Mud by Dror Shaul, winner of the grand jury prize in Sundance 2007), and is currently working on his graduation film.

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Israeli Film Directors | Shirley Barenholz

Co-Director, Co-Writer Open Eye – Open I

Shirley Barenholz, a Dutch-Israeli freelance photojournalist and well-known photographer, was born and raised in Holland. She studied Journalism at the Academy of Journalism, Tilburg, Holland and Photography at the Cultural Center of Arts, Breda, Holland and at the International Center of Photography, New York, and was selected on portfolio to attend the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop, New York.

Based in Amsterdam she directs reportages for Dutch Jewish Broadcaster ‘Joodse Omroep’ and works on different photography projects around the world

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Israeli Film Directors | Ofra Tevet

Director and producer of documentary films, married plus 3 children, lives in Israel.

Her films include: Don't call me a hero, Being an old man (about Teddy Kolek, Jerusalem’s prior mayor), Personal Meeting (about Gila Almagor, Israel’s most leading and respectable theatre actress.)

Ofra was a journalist in Haaretz newspaper, and senior documentary reporter at the main news magazine of the cables network.

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Israeli Film Directors | Evgeny Ruman

Director of Lenin in October

Evgeny Ruman was born in 1979 in the Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel at the age of 11.  Evgeny is a director and editor, and a graduate of Film & Television Dept. at Tel Aviv University.  He has directed a number of short films which have participated and won at festivals in Israel and abroad. He is the creator, head scriptwriter and director of "In between the Lines" (YES) – the first television series in the Russian language to be aired in Israel.  He edited "Five Hours from Paris" which won Best Film at the Haifa Film Festival 2009.

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Israeli Film Directors | Yoav Kleinmann

Graduate Sapir Academic College;
Lives in Even Yeuda .38 yrs old+1
Directed: Warrior of Love.
"Blood Revenge" documentary film broadcasted on the international National Geographic channel.
"Naf" documentary film broadcasted in channel 2 & on Jerusalem Festival

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Israeli Film Directors | Alex Gentelev

Director of Violinists
Alex was born and raised In Russia. He immigrated to Israel in 1992.
Married to his wife Nina who is as a medical Dr. working in one of the biggest medical center in Tel-Aviv. Alex and Nina have 2 children.

Master degree in Philosophy and Sociology

Master degree in film, theater and music from St. Petersburg art Academy,

1991- Up to today made many films

One of the most known 2005-2006

Arte (France + Germany) / YLE Teema/ RTBF/ TVO/ TFO / RAI Educational /
ABC Asia Pacific / VPRO / TSR2 / TVP / Nederland 3

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Israeli Film Directors | Ada Ushpiz

Director & Producer
Ada Ushpiz is a director and producer of documentary films. Her films include: Blood Engagement, Detained, Not As Lambs to the Slaughter. Ushpiz was a journalist for "Ha'Aretz" newspaper for thirty-two years. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in philosophy and literature, and a Masters Degree in Film, as well as a doctarate in History.

 In 2009, she was invited with her film Desert Brides as a guest for the festivals: Leipzig, Tartu, Femina Brazil, SFJFF, Other Israel and Beeld for Beeld.

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Israeli Film Directors | Kineret Hay-Gillor

Director of How Much Love

Kineret Hay-Gillor was born in Israel July 1979.

In 2007 she graduated from 'The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School' in Jerusalem.

Her films have been screened at numerous festivals in the world. This is her first

Feature length documentary as a director. She is currently working on her second film.

 Films as Director & Editor

2011        Co- Director and Editor of "Lola", Documentary 52min.

Yes Docu -Israel's Satellite Documentary TV Channel.


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