Yedidiah`s Collection

General Information

Israel, 2005 | Short Doc, 18 min, | Video

Directors: Noam Demsky, Mordi Kershner


Yedidiah`s collection is no ordinary collection. He collects spent mortar shells, bullet casings and lighting parachutes, all evidence of the complicated reality of life  in Gush Katif.
Ten-year-old Yedidiah, the tenth child in his family, lives on the Morag settlement, which is the southern-most settlement in Gush Katif.
The film follows Yedidiah during the happy and busy day time and during the night, when the fear of falling mortars, terrorists and the disengagement plan is intensifying. The Gaza district evacuation changes the life of Yedidiah and his family…

Awards & Festivals

Jury Prize, Euro Shorts, 2006
Charlotte Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Amsterdam Israeli Film Festival 2008

Jersey Shore Jewish Film Festival 2007

Parnu International Film Festival 2007

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival USA, 2007

Warsaw Jewish Motifs Film Festival Poland, 2007

Eilat Film Festival Israel, 2007

Palm Beach International Film Festival USA, 2007

ViewFinders Film Festival for Youth Canada, 2007

Pacific Jewish Film Festival USA, 2007

Austin Jewish Film Festival USA, 2007

EuroShorts, Poland, 2006

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival

IDFA, The Netherlands 2006

Taiwan Documentary Film Festival 2006

Hamburg International Film Festival, Germany 2006

Barcelona Short Film Festival,  Spain 2006

Zlin International Children Film Festival, Czech Republic 2006

Plein la Bobine Children Festival, Paris 2006

First International Children Film Festival, Tel Aviv 2005 


Script: Noam Demski, Mordi Kershner
Production Company: Noam Demski, Mordi Kershner
Co-Production Company: Noam Demski, Mordi Kershner
Camera: Amitai Aizenberg, Moshe Churi
Editor: Idit Ben Shimol
Original Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English




Educational - $199.00
K-12 - $95.00