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The Wandering Samaritan

Gadi Tzdaka has always felt trapped by the “ghetto walls” of the Samaritan neighborhood, with its strict form of education and stringent religious laws. His father Hillel wanted his first born son to adopt devout religious faith as he had, but Gadi longed for freedom.



The Last Scene

For seventy years, Menucha has remained silent about parting from her eleven-year-old sister at the Warsaw train station, where she saw her for the last time. The film follows Menucha`s attempt to recreate that defining moment in her childhood.



Your Younger Daughter Rachel

Rachel is experiencing a cruel adolescence, both at home and outside of it; her unemployed father unloading his frustration and rage upon his wife and daughter. Rachel attempts to handle her violent father and protect her mother. Defenseless and exhausted, she and her mother try to comfort one another while awaiting some compassion.



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Three Mothers

The Hakim sisters, Rose, Flora and Jasmine, were born in Alexandria in 1942. They are triplets. Their saga is one of powerful love and deadly deceit played out in three languages and across three generations.



Srugim- Season 1

Hit Israeli TV Series about 30-year-old singles within the modern Orthodox Jerusalem community. A vibrant and exciting community, trying to find their way in contemporary Israeli society.



Summer Story

Summer 1982. With the war raging in Lebanon, 13-year-old Gal works as a postman in a moshav nearly emptied of men. On his daily rounds he meets Haya, a 19-year-old girl suffering from heart disease, who corresponds obsessively with several soldiers in Lebanon. Only one soldier, the one who happens to write the most beautiful letters, doesn`t send her his photo.