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The Films of Duki Dror

Israel, 2001-2005| Documentary,  | Beta SP Pal/ HDV
Director: Duki Dror 

Go2Films is proud to present a new exclusive package with 3 films of the esteemed Israeli Documentary film director Duki Dror, including a special booklet containing summaries of the films and the article "Journey of the Displaced".

These selected films are a part of the Israeli Film Festival on PBS. The mission of this festival is to bring real stories of Israeli people through the eyes of Israeli filmmakers. The first series of films, by Duki Dror, is broadcasted on PBS from September 2010.

The films focus on diverse people from Israel who learn many lessons as they deal with the various challenges life has to offer them. Their stories are truly universal and their challenges are spread over many countries in addition to Israel including: Vietnam, the United States, Iraq and Palestine.

pbs - the three films

Raging Dove- A small news item in the back-pages of a local Israeli newspaper reported: a world champion boxer, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, defeated only by the flags he has waved upon victory (first Israeli, then Palestinian) is trying to make a comeback in the Middle East.


The Journey of Vaan Ngyuen- Hoiami Nguyen never imagined that he would end up so far from his home village of Bong Son in central Vietnam. Political circumstances and the roulette of life have washed him to the shores of Israel. The penniless Vietnamese refugee became a father of 5 Hebrew speaking Israeli daughters. His daughter - Vaan, describes her parents' ordeal using a razor sharp language in her blog. She feels trapped in circles of identity that will never meet. Caught between her wild and stormy Israeli spirit and the expectations to be modest and obedient Vietnamese at home, there is unbridgeable abyss.


My Fantasia- The three Darwish brothers, who immigrated from Iraq to Israel in the 50's, established the family factory "Fantasia" - a menorah factory. For a time period of 50 years they designed, manufactured and shipped Chanukah menorahs for the entire world and now...the family factory is about to close down.

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