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Israel, 2011 | Documentary, 72 min.

Director:Alex Gentelev

Producer: Nurit Kedar


A small story of a small place, where people hide amidst the crowd, their names unfamiliar to the press, a present reality derived from the past. Yet deep inside, it is a big story which rises from social distress. This is a Sisyphean, uncompromising journey of 10-year-old children from Tiberias who are remarkable at playing the the violin. The creators of the film were allowed a rare chance to probe with the camera at the greatest question a documentary filmmaker can ask himself while portraying a true-life situation: Can this reality be changed? And if so, how?

Awards & Festivals


First Award  Best Anthropology "Gold Panda" Sichuan TV International Film Festival 2011

First award for production by Gesher Film Fund



"Gold Panda" Sichuan TV International Film Festival 2011

Docaviv International Film Festival 2011


Directors: Alex Gentelev
Producer: Nurit Kedar
Produced with the help of: Second authority for radio and television. DocAviv festival and Gesher foundation
Cinematographer: Israel Fridman
Editor: Bracha Zisman-Cohen
Sound designer: Rotem Dror

Original Language: Hebrew and Russian
Subtitles: English, Hebrew




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K-12 - $205.00
Home DVD - $50.00

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