The Accursed

General Information

Israel, 2014 | Documentary, 5x approx. 60 min.

Director: Hagai Levi
Associate Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel

Produced by Liran Atzmor and Hagai Levi
Associate Producers: Aurit Zamir and Yoav Roeh- "Gum Films" productions. World Sales: Cinephil


"If you watch only one series on television this year,
this is the series."
Raanan Shaked, Twitter


"innovative, megalomaniacal, bold, and dizzying"

Einab Scheiff, Yediot Ahronot

"A groundbreaking new genre in documentary fiction.

The Accursed will be studied in film and TV schools."

Lilach Wallach, Walla!

In a new docudrama series, 'The Accursed,' Hagai Levi, the creator of the psychological drama series 'In Treatment' portrays four Israeli culture heroes who fluctuated between genius and madness.

They were artists who allowed no barriers between them and their art, their truth. They rebelled with rage, with scorn, at the bourgeois lifestyle and the dominant culture, while they endeavored to create an avant-garde alternative. They lived wild, scandalous lives without any boundaries. Whether they did so willfully or out of necessity, they abandoned traditional family life and property, and they forsook their health, their comfort, their future.


Instead they strove for greatness. Pounding within them was a sense of mission and revolutionary zeal. They stepped right up to the boundaries of madness and mysticism, and in a way became gurus. At some point they all crossed clear ethical lines, and they were expunged for it. They all ended their lives tragically.

The Accursed is a five-part series that attempts to investigate the idea of the total artist, and to examine whether and to what degree we are prepared today to pay a steep price for the creative truth burning inside us.Through a combination of documentary footage and reenactments, the series follows four Israeli artists: author Pinchas Sadeh, philosopher Moshe Kroy, poet Yona Wallach, and artist Aviva Uri.


The series also offers a glimpse at the spirit of that time. Its protagonists all lived here in an era, which seemed to offer one last chance to live that kind of life. It was the 1970s and 1980s in Israel, before the introduction of commercial television and the internet, before Capitalism finished getting its clutches on everything here as well.


But this series also has a personal dimension. Each of these people was a part of my emotional biography. I followed in their light, and my encounters with them, whether physical or textual, changed my life. My relationship with them, whether real or literary, changed over the years and reflected my own adolescence. Perhaps these encounters even reflected the maturing process as a broader concept. What is it that causes us to abandon the heroes of our youth, our dreams, and the absolute ideals in which we believed, to become typical members of society ... in effect, to become bourgeoisie?


Read more about each episode in the link below:

Episode One: Pinchas Sadeh

Episode Two: Yona Wallach

Episode Three: Moshe Kroy

Episode Four: Aviva Uri

Episode Five: Epilogue


Awards & Festivals

Israel Film Center Festival (JCC Manhattan), USA, June 2016
Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania, May 2016
MedFilm Festival, Italy, November 2015
FIPA Biarritz, France, January 2015
Australia JFF, Australia, November 2014


Director: Hagai Levi
Associate Director: Jonathan Gurfinkel
Producers: Liran Atzmor and Hagai Levi
Produced with the help of: Gum Films- Aurit Zamir and Yoav Roeh
Screenplay: Hagai Levi, Noam Kaplan, Michal Vinik, Michal Weiss, Shachar Magen.
Cinematographer: Shark De Mayo
Editor: Tali Halter Shenkar
Sound Designer: Aviv Aldema
Cast: Yehuda Almagor, Neta shpigelman, Itay Barnea, Hava Ortman

Original Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English and Hebrew


"The Accursed is innovative, megalomaniacal, bold, and dizzying in its insightfulness." Einav Schiff, Yediot Aharonot


"It's unlike anything we've ever seen before, maybe because of the breathtaking performances by the actors, who play these admire and unsettling characters remarkably, without any compromises." Sherry Shavit, Ynet



"An exhilarating, deep, gripping, and simply sensational piece of television." Yoni Beinert, Pnai Plus


"Nothing less than praiseworthy performances that leave you glued to your seat. ... Remarkable documentary television of a story that never happened." Doron Brosh, Sofhashavua



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