The Mystery of Aris San

General Information

Israel, 2008| Documentary, 75min.

Directors: Dalia Mevorach & Dani Dothan
Producer: Elil Communication


A journey into the mysterious life of Aris San, the Greek singer who became a megastar in Israel, close friend of generals and politicians including Moshe Dayan until rumors spread that the genius guitarist and playboy, was a spy. Aris left for New York. He opened a hot night club where Hollywood stars, politicians, and Mafiosos mingled. His friends included Anthony Quinn, Telly Savalas, Harry Belafonte, as well as the Gallo crime family. His meteoric rise ended with a drug addiction, jail and a mysterious disappearance in Budapest

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Written and directed: Dalia Mevorach & Dani Dothan
Cinematography: Itzik Portal
Edited: Sara Salomon, Ron Goldman
Producers:Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan, Sigal Rosh - Elil Communication
Produced in association with Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.- Channel 2, The New Israeli Foundation For Cinema & TV.
Sound Recording: Idan Shamash
Sound Editing: Yossi Appelbaum
Music:Aris San
Film score: musical arrangement Jasmin Even




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