Gole Sangam

General Information

Israel, 2007 | Doc, 50 min, | Video
Director: Sarit Haymian
Script: Sarit Haymian
Producers: Osnat Trabelsi
Sponsors: The Second Israeli Authority for Radio and TV,The Rabinowitz Foundation – Cinema Project ,Gesher Multicultural Film Fund


Gole sangam is the stone flower in Farsi. The flower that can bloom only from the stone (cyclamen). The film follows two elderly Jewish women, Ilanit and Naima, who immigrated from Iran to Israel 50 years ago and live in a slum. Married at the tender ages of 12-16, they moved from the domineering homes of their parents to those of their husbands. Ilanit lived with a husband who humiliated and bit her but still she took care of him when he became sick. Naima has a good relationship with her husband, surrounded with her children and grandchildren, but has always served them and fulfilled their wishes and dreams. Now, 70 years old, they reflect on the choices they have made and the choices they were forced to make.

Sarit, the director, an Israeli-born Iranian Jew, 30 years old and unmarried is trying to find through the past of Ilanit and Naima some answers about the future of her relations.
The film raises questions about love, relations, femininity and dreams.


Awards & Festivals


Library of Congrees, Washington DC 2009

Los Angeles Israeli Film Festival - USA, 2008

Wisconsin Film Festival - USA, 2008

Thessaloniki DocMarket - Greece, 2008

Docaviv International Film Festival - Israel, 2007

Women`s Film Festival - Israel, 2007


Script: Sarit Haymian
Production Company: Trabelsi productions
Co-Production Company: Sarit Haymian
Original Language: Hebrew, Farsi
Subtitles: English 




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