A Green Chariot

Director: Gilad Goldschmidt
Producers: Mosh Danon, Yifat Prestelnik
Sponsors: Reshet T.V, Israeli Channel 2, Gesher Foundation for Multi-Cultural Films, Avichai Foundation

"Engaging and thought-provoking" (The Jewish Channel)



Twenty two year-old Sasha`s greatest wish is to become an Israeli. He has  become religious, changed his name to Yair and speaks only in Hebrew -- even when he is addressed in Russian. He has completely cut himself off from his Russian past, including his father and his Russian friends. Now, Yair is
about to marry his Israeli girlfriend.
But when Yair receives a package from his aunt in the Ukraine, his world is shaken. Something inside challenges everything Yair believes about himself and the person he`s tried to become. The revelation forces him to confront his religious beliefs and journey back to the Russiaidentity he has fought to suppress.


Silver Remi Award, Houston Worldfest International Film Festival 2006

Nomination for Best Actor,  Shanghai International TV Festival 2006
Special prize, Religion Today Film Festival, Italy, 2006
Festivals and screenings:

Ramaz Upper School, USA 2013
Israelitische Kultusgeminde Munich, January 2013
Temple Beth El Springfield, September 2012
Jewish Federation of Central Alabama, December 2011
Congregation Beth El Bathesda, August 2011
Center for Judaic Studies, July 2011
Montreal Jewish Film Festival 2011
Judischen Volkshochschule, November 2010
 UJA Federation Toronto 2010

Toronto Israeli Film Festival 2010

Jerusalem International Film Festival 2005

Golden Wanut International Film Festival, Serbia 2005

Shanghai TV Festival, Official Competition, China 2006

Bradford Film Festival, Museum of Film and Television, UK 2006

Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival , USA 2005
Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles and NY 2005-6

San Diego Jewish Film Festival, USA 2006

Orange County Jewish Film Festival, CA 2006

Philadelphia Israeli Film Festival 2006

Mursia International Film Festival, Spain 2006
Hartford Jewish Film Festival, USA 2006

Westchester Celebration of Jewish Film, Jacob Burns Film Center 2006

North New Jersey Jewish Film Festival 2006

Detroit Jewish Film Festival 2006

Chicago Israeli Film Festival 2006

Ottawa Israeli Film Festival 2006

Panama Israeli Film Festival 2006

Religion Today International Film Festival, Trento Italy 2006

San Jose Jewish Film Festival 2006

Toronto Film Series Festival, Canada 2007

Austin Jewish Film Festival, USA 2007
Kansas City Jewish Film Festival 2007

Houston Jewish Film Festival 2007

Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival 2007

Seattle Jewish Film Festival 2007

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival 2007

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, 2007

Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival, 2007

Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival, 2007

Jersey Shore Jewish Film Festival, 2007

Cincinnati Israeli Film Festival, 2007

Baltimore Jewish Film Festival, 2007

Cherry Hill JFF - USA, 2008

Dayton JFF - USA, 2008

Washington Jewish Film Festival 2008

Pittsbourgh Jewish Film Festival 2008 - special second screening

Harrisburg JFF 2008

Vancouver JFF 2008

Cherry Hill JFF - USA, 2008

York JFF 2008

Austin JFF - 2008

Dayton JFF - USA, 2008
Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival 2009

Fairfax Jewish Film Festival 2009

Contra Costa Jewish Film Festival, 2009

Special Screenings:

JCC OF West Palm Beach, March 2006

JCC of North Miami, March 2006

JCC of Staten Island, March 2006

MAKOR NY, New York 2006

JCC on the Hudson, NY 2007-  with director

Lincoln Square Synagogue, NY 2007-  with director

JCC of Staten Island, NY 2007-  with director

Buenos Aires Israeli Film series 2007

Congregation Beit Breira, Miami, 2007

Limmud NY 2008 -  with director

Bet Abraham Synagogue, Dayton 2008

Bet Jacob Congregation, Mendota 2008

KJ Synagogue, NY 2009 with Director

JCC Brighton Beach, March 2009, with Director

Engelwwod, NJ March 2009, with Director


Educational Purchase:
Melvin Berman Hebrew Academy 

Hebrew University Library

Nativ Library 

Begin Center Library

Florida Atlntic University

Michigen State University

Kensas University

Harvard University

Ramaz High School

Frisch High School

Segal College

Colombia University

Script: Ori Ravid, Uzi Weil, Gilad Goldschmidt
Production Company: inosan production
Co-Production Company: Ori Ravid, Uzi Weil, Gilad Goldschmidt
Camera: Uri Akerman
Editor: Shimrit Ronen
Original Music: Issar Shulman
Cast: Vitali Freedland, Daniela Wirzer, Pavel Tsitrinal, Lucy Dubinchik
Original Language: Hebrew and Russian
Subtitles: English/ Spanish 

Movie Review  by Isaac Selva, Israel Film Center

Being Jewish can mean anything from attending synagogue once a year and enjoying matzah-ball soup to observing the intricate laws forbidding wearing a mixture of wool and linen.  Despite the wealth of approaches, most would presume that someone who lives in an Orthodox community in Israel, studies in yeshiva, and serves in the Israeli military is most likely a Jew.  But what happens if a person lives this clearly Jewish life even though they were not born Jewish?  Is there something supernatural in our genes that makes us Jewish; something that can be acquired only by mumbling a prayer and dunking under water? 

Green Chariot, directed by Gilad Goldschmidt, explores these questions through the experiences of Sasha, a Russian immigrant in Israel.

 Goldschmidt masterfully frames Ya’ir’s existential crisis, especially in the painfully grating scene with his fiancée’s family, in which the obscure law prohibiting Jews from drinking wine that a Gentile has touched becomes relevant.  Goldschmidt also rackets up the tension in the scene in which Ya’ir sneaks out of his dormitory in the Yeshiva in order to break the Sabbath, in accordance with the law “A Gentile who keeps the Sabbath must be put to death.”




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