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Go2Films represents and distributes  Israeli films with added educational values that deal, among other things, with Israeli culture, identity issues, gender, immigration and more, illustrating the diversity of Israeli society and its different nuances.
The uniqueness of the films, the complexity and depth attracts many organizations and institutions in Israel and around the world to collaborate and use the films as triggers to educational activities in schools, universities, youth groups and community centers.

Go2Films routinely supplies universities and schools with Israeli films for this purpose.


Go2Films collaborates with other organizations and educational centers in developing specially tailored educational materials for the films, some of which you can find on this website. Among these organizations are: MaKom, Omanoot, Yavneh Olami, the Jewish Agency, Torah Mitzion and Melitz.


Go2Films films are also written about in the academic world.

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Association of Jewish Libraries- Film Review


Resource Center:

Discussion guides and lesson plans for films.



Bridge Over the Wadi

Israeli Culture through films: Ethnicity, Religion and Inter-Cultural discourses

Written by Prof. Havis, Denver University


The Journey of Vaan Nguyen

What makes an Israeli Israeli?

Written by Omanoot-Israel through Art


promisedland1Promised Land

The Promised Land

Written by Makom


Srugim- Resource Sheets





A Green Chariot

Discussion Guide